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Mike -

Thanks so much! This proves my first great hope, that these did indeed have Morton RB's; Having the round hole 'texture' will make these even more visually arresting! Also, thanks for the confirmation of truck style...

Jim Harr

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My DL&W diagram book is only good until 5/1/52, and these cars were built in September, 1956, so I don't have a DL&W diagram sheet for them. Can any of you confirm the type of running board, brake step and brake wheel these cars had? The E-L diagram sheet (#7-7) indicates an Ajax brake wheel, but no running board option; I assume the Ajax brake wheel was original equipment.

The DL&W general arrangement drawings for this batch call for Morton running boards and brake steps, Ajax hand brake, A-3 Ride Control trucks and welded sides.

I missed that Branchline was offering these, so I'm looking forward to seeing one, though they're too new for my goals, post steam-era.

Hope this helps ....Mike Del Vecchio

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