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Tim -

Thanks so much for the info. I don't have the '61 CBC, unfortunately.

I think that the 'D-F' is white; and the load restraining symbol is different (can someone define these? I can try to post a scan of each type; it would seem that the early, non-D-F series had one style, and the D-F series had another). I have searched all of the EL, DL&W and Erie decal sets I know of to find that 'D-F' symbol but have struck out... :(

Yes, I believe the 12000 - 12073 were classed XM, and the D-F version (12074 - 12099) were classed XME.

The plot thickens!

Jim Harr

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There is a photo of DL&W 12098 in the 1961 Car Builder's (p.76)

Unfortunately I can't make out the rb, step, or even the brake
wheel, although the shape of the handbrake housing is consistent
with an Ajax brake wheel.

Was the DF logo white, or yellow? That style of DF logo looks
familiar (EL perhaps?) but I can't recall any decal set that
includes it. There is no lading strap anchor symbol on 12098
but there is another symbol -- a thick white bar with center
circle (load divider perhaps?). It's just below the DF. Also
the car is marked XME.

Here's something -- the retainer valve is painted silver or
light gray!

From what can be seen of the roof, the seam caps are body
color. Could be overspray. It was not unusual for brand new
roofs to have shiny panels with dark, enameled seam caps.

If you find out any more facts let us know. I have the same
kit and I need the same information!


I am working on detailing and weathering some of the really nice Branchline kits that represent the DL&W, 12000 - 12099 series, 50' welded AAR boxcars with the billboard 'Lackawanna' scheme. As part of this detailing program I would like to utilize photo-etched running boards and brake steps.

My DL&W diagram book is only good until 5/1/52, and these cars were built in September, 1956, so I don't have a DL&W diagram sheet for them. Can any of you confirm the type of running board, brake step and brake wheel these cars had? The E-L diagram sheet (#7-7) indicates an Ajax brake wheel, but no running board option; I assume the Ajax brake wheel was original equipment.

I would also really like to re-number one into the 'D-F' scheme (numbers 12074 - 12099); any idea where the appropriate 'D-F' lettering may be found? Also cool to have would be the little loading strap anchor symbols - the circle with a vertical line: (I) .

The models come with a silver 'galvanized' roof; would it be appropriate to paint the ribs with black or freight car color to show a flaked paint effect?

I realize these are probably pushing the limits of the STMFC era, but would appreciate any guidance you can provide. Many thanks in advance;

Jim Harr

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