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Charles Hladik

Could the "T" mean "transit"? The 110 ton sounds about right for an RS
and the "diesel" desigantaion for cargo.............
Chuck Hladik

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I don't think we are looking at a car but at a diesel locomotive. Spokane,
Portland and Seattle Ry. Alco RS-3 #98 was built in November 1955 as builders
number 81702. Not sure about the T designation.

Richard Wilkens

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David, this car was reported in NYC Train LS7 on Friday, November 24,
1955, between Toledo, OH, and Elkhart, IN. This is how it appears in the

Initials Kind Number Wt./Tons Cargo Destination
SPS T 98 110 Diesel Vancouver, WA

I posted an inquiry about this tank car and several others in February
2009 and received a reply that there was no such number, as the SP&S tank cars
were in the 38000-series (see Message #79347). I then found a reference on the
SP&S Hist. Society's website for an Intermountain tank car decorated as
SP&S X-85. This led me to think that perhaps the car in Train LS7 was SP&S X-98,
although it seemed odd that such an "X" car would be so far from its home

This car is truly a puzzlement.

Rob Erickson

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> SP&S X-98 TM

From 02/03/1954 to 03/11/1957, SP&S X-98 (second) was a MOW
flat car, 40 ft seven inches between end sills, 40 ton,
truss-rod, steel center sill, eleven stake pockets, with a
4,000 gallon water tank mounted. It was purchased from
parent GN in 1945 and up until 1954, it was flatcar #31620
in revenue service. In 1940, GN had converted a Haskell &
Barker boxcar, built 1913, to a flat car, and renumbered it
to the 62000 series.

There are photos of a similar car, X-104, on pages 48 and
100 of Ed Austin's "Spokane, Portland and Seattle Color
Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment, Morning Sun Books,
1998. It is unknown if the tank on X-98 was the same
appearance as the one shown on X-104.
> I would appreciate hearing more about when and where this
car was reported.

David Turner
Keeping the S. P. & S. Rwy alive in Santa Rosa, California

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