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I have been told by an experienced, retired sub-divisional engineer that you "could" dump gravel "in to be seriously raised gravel roadbeds" faster in a modified (restricted gravel flow via door chains and internal timbers) coal hopper than in a standard convertible ballast hopper car? . . . if you are good and you are lucky enough that nobody gets injuried and the additional dust doesn't get you . . . apparently in a controlled happening.  That is what you need when you build a branch in a swamp or flood plain.

Al Kresse

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Bill Baker wrote:
And, to respond to Mr. Thompson's most reasonable assumption that I  
model T&NO, well, er . . . ah . . . no, Portland Division management  
considers these triple hoppers to be leased from the Texas lines for  
the duration of the track rehabilitation program and thereafter as  
refugees . . . !
       You may, of course, operate as you wish. But with SP buying  
large numbers of new ballast hoppers in the 1950s, I would have to say  
that your usage would be MOST unusual. I will confess that I love the  
look of offset hopper cars (not only the T&NO ones), and wish I could  
have some myself, but cannot see any reasonable basis for doing so. I  
own a couple of them (D&RGW), and occasionally include them in through  

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