Re: Need information about several freight cars, circa Nov 1955-Sept 1957

John Hile

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N&W 83144 HM H-?
N&W 83472 HM H-?
N&W 83677 HM H-?
N&W 83723 HM H-?
Any assistance in identifying these cars and possible HO scale candidates to model them would be greatly appreciated.


Let me start by saying I am not an N&W expert, but from what I can gather, these N&W hoppers may be class H9 twins.

According to the online N&W Historical Society Archives, H9's were rebuilt from HL's. In the Jan 1953 ORER all dimensions (except extreme width) for cars in the number series 79500-83999, match those for the number series 56500-59999, 60000-61999, and 67000-69999.

56500-59999 and 67000-69999 are listed in "Coal Car Equipment, Norfolk and Western Railway" as class HL as of May 1, 1944, and dimensions on the diagram in this book match those in the above ORER. HL's appear to be similar to the Stewart 55-ton cars based on these pics from the Virginia Tech Imagebase site:

The H9 photos I could find show a different sill profile (at least) and a CuFt Capy (2054) for car 80000 which matches that in the ORER for 79500-83999:

Perhaps someone else on the list can confirm the research, as I am really an ATSF guy into reefers and such. Having lived in N&W country for quite a while, I guess I just couldn't resist getting some coal dust under my fingernails!

Hope this is helpful,

John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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