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Nice display of a grain elevator and single sheathed Wabash boxcar.
Richard Wilkens

Not to muddy the waters too much more on this topic.
I do know that I had seen in the NP records, a vendor's brochure about a heavy paper liner that would have made major coopering of grain cars unnecessary. Of course, roofs would still need to be water tight, as they would in any case.
If I recall correctly, the paper liner came folded many times and was unfolded until it assumed a u-shape along the walls, and of course covered the floor also. Two of these would be unfolded in a car until combined they took on a bathtub like shape and the overlap provided strength by the door openings. I thought that I would find this however like many things in life, now that I want to find it again…oh well. I'll keep looking. If anyone has had experience
with these I would like to hear of how common place that the use
of this product may have been.

What I did find was from NP General Managers file. (Loc 37.G.9.1b) was a letter referencing an automobile car fitted with a false end. The NP would get these cars in interchange and crews wondered when cleaning the cars if the false end was to be left in place. The NP did NOT use these cars for bulk grain loading as it was thought
that they would not pass inspection on line. They were however to
be left in place as a check with the Santa Fe reveals the following.

A reply letter from the Santa Fe c/o F A Isaacson, Engineer of Car Construction, dated Dec. 23rd 1931 (SF file 1084-2) goes on to explain the "application of false ends to our end door automobile cars", and attaches memorandum dated April 21, 1931 covering "application of false ends to furniture cars for grain loading". Also attached was a (faded) blue print of sketch 4006 detailing the false door assy. The memorandum titled FALSE END FOR FURNITURE CAR GRAIN LOADING, looks to be cross referenced to Santa
Fe files 1084-2 and 1207-4.
The memorandum lists the following class and series of cars can
be fitted with false doors - Class - Fe-K, series 8401-9400; Fe-L, 9401-9900; Fe-M, 64201-64700; Fe-N, 51501-62450; and Fe-O, 62451-62750. (Over 13,000 additional cars available to move grain).

Things that I find interesting are what pass inspection in the areas the Santa Fe served would have a different standard in the areas the NP served. And so what might not be used in one area of
the US could be ubiquitous to another area.
Much grain moved on the NP moved east to Staples, MN where it
was either diverted to Duluth/Superior (to be shipped via water)
or went on to the Twin Cities.

This application of different standards only seems to blur the question of the above double door boxcar at a grain elevator. I do like the mention of possible use for grain door retrieval as this
was an expense the railroads in my area kept close watch upon.

James Dick - St. Paul, MN

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