Re: Wabash Boxcar in Atlanta, IL

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Nice display of a grain elevator and single sheathed Wabash boxcar.
Richard Wilkens

Not to muddy the waters too much more on this topic.
I do know that I had seen in the NP records, a vendor's brochure about a heavy paper liner that would have made major coopering of grain cars unnecessary. Of course, roofs would still need to be water tight, as they would in any case.
Jim, I was hoping you would chime in. I was curious if you had found any correspondence in the NP archives about this topic. The trainmaster I had corresponded with did mention that the GN provided a "heavy paper" liner in the episode I described in my posting. Apparently the elevator managers on that particular branch found them unsatifactory.

Robert D. Heninger
Iowa City, IA

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