Re: "ACF St. Louis Plant" builders stencil in white

Rob M.

Thanks Cyril and Tim,

It's for December 1945 build date.

I'll look at my Sunshine papers and try to decipher who might be doing their decals and see what luck I have getting an O scale one out of them.

Rob Mondichak

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What time period.? Art Griffin may have one from the earlier time periods.
Cyril Durrenberger

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Sunshine (I think) offers builder stencils for ACF that include
the plant data. And for other builders too.

Tim O'Connor

At 4/8/2009 01:03 PM Wednesday, you wrote:

I am in need of an ACF St. Louis plant builders stencil decal in white but I haven't had much luck finding a decal set that has one.

Has anybody seen one?

It's actually for an O scale ITC flat car project but I'm desperate so hopefully I can find one in HO for now.

Thanx guys,

Rob Mondichak

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