Re: Off-group help request G85 TOFC's

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Peter Ness wrote:
I am looking for information on G85 TOFC's ca. 1962-3 which is beyond the scope of this group. If there is anyone who may be able to answer some questions please contact me off list.
Peter, SP bought some G85s in 1960, which IS in scope. SInce the G85 was a dual-purpose car, intended to handle Clejan trailers as well as non-Clejan trailers, I'd doubt that many G85s were built much after 1960, when the few roads which were using Clejan technology abandoned it. OTOH, many such flats might have been stretched for use with auto racks or other uses after 1960, but on this list, we know nothing about that <g>.

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