Re: Off-group help request G85 TOFC's

Tim O'Connor

G85's were built 1960 to 1963. Autoracks were affixed to some of
them as early as 1960 -- both SP and ATSF are examples. Original
owners include ATSF, EL, MEC, NH, NP, REA, SOO, SP, UP, WM, GPBX,
NITX, GTTX, SSW, PFF (PFE). I've never been able to understand why
no HO model of a G85 flat has ever been produced. G89's were then
produced from 1964 onwards. Although initially developed as a
follow on to the Clejan design, most owners never used them in
that fashion -- SP and New Haven (and perhaps EL?) were the only
serious Clejan trailer users.

Tim O'Connor

At 4/8/2009 09:50 PM Wednesday, you wrote:
Peter Ness wrote:
I am looking for information on G85 TOFC's ca. 1962-3 which is
beyond the scope of this group. If there is anyone who may be able
to answer some questions please contact me off list.
Peter, SP bought some G85s in 1960, which IS in scope. SInce
the G85 was a dual-purpose car, intended to handle Clejan trailers as
well as non-Clejan trailers, I'd doubt that many G85s were built much
after 1960, when the few roads which were using Clejan technology
abandoned it. OTOH, many such flats might have been stretched for use
with auto racks or other uses after 1960, but on this list, we know
nothing about that <g>.

Tony Thompson

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