Re: New Athearn Airslide covered hopper


Mr. Welch;

I can help you out (with one undec); I will contact you off-line about it.

Jim Harr
Stella Scale Models

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Based on a message from Central Hobby Supply, I noticed on thier site that Athearn plans to release undecorated kits in thier first run of their new Airslide model and I have ordered four. In case anyone prefers to work with undecs, I thought I should let people know about this new model.

One of my frustrations is that I did not get enough undec 3-bay PS-2's when they came out.

BYW, if anyone has any of these 3-bay PS-2's they would like to dispose of, please let me know or if you know of a cache of them somewhere.

Bill Welch

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