Re: Chalk marks on freight cars

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

My name is Chris Lantz, I'm new to this list. I'm looking for a
way to apply some chalk marks to the side of my freight cars.
I've seen them on cars freshly painted so it appears that they
may be notes on weight, capacity etc. Also markings about
defects and even just random scribblings. Any suggestions?

Chris Lantz
Some modelers apply them with a sharp white pencil but I find it easier (and
more accurate) to use decals. Sunshine has a number of chalk mark decal
sets, each appropriate for different regions of the US...the artwork was
developed from period photos. I apply these at the same time I apply the
regular decals and weather them at the same time as other weathering (not
all chalk markings are fresh). Clover House also has dry transfers for chalk
marks. I use these over the weathering to represent fresh chalk marks....

Jack Burgess

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