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Two thoughts, Clark

1) I have identified secondhand hopper candidates with their cubic capacities, other dimensions to confirm. With B&O, I have a lot of this to do.

It takes about 3 hours to skim an entire ORER, looking at cubic capacity column only. Less if the match occurs near the front.

2) The rr-pictures site has a 1942 M&StL twin ribbed hopper in a publicity still in its photo archive. Contributed by Merrill Price. Is this the one? One can make out the word 'Chicago" under the paint in the upper left of the car. Chicago Freight Car?

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I'm looking for a photo or at least someone to tell me what model in close (stand in) for an NYC 2 bay hopper sold to Hyman-Michaels in 1942 or before with the dimensions of:
Inside Length 30' width 9' 5 1/2" Outside length 31' 2 1/2" Height from rail 10' Extreme height 10' 7" Capacity 1650 cu ft, 100000lbs
The M&StL picked up these NYC hoppers from Hyman-Michaels in 1942. The data comes from their page in the 1945 ORER.
I looked in the 1940 ORER and couldn't find a match for thee dimensions.
Any help is much appreciated, thanks,
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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