Re: decals needed

jim_mischke <jmischke@...>

Ted Schnepf (a Naperville vendor regular) did the artwork for a recent M-53 O scale resin wagontop. You will find most of the ingredients you need in that decal set. Proper fonts and heralds in correct sizes. Lettering is spaced for ribbing. Probably available separately.

Also, check out the B&OHS archives web site ( and look for the downloadable Chris Barkan scorecard of B&O boxcar lettering schemes. Near the bottom of the web page full of downloadables. It will make sence for you of all the B&O boxcar letterings.

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Hi all,
I'm planning to build a B&O M-26a in O scale. Does anyone know of a set of decals that can be used for the car. looking for a early to mid 40's lettering scheme. Thanks

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