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Brian and Stephan: Richard Hendrickson or Tahoe's Brian Leppert will likely weigh in, but when I asked Brian some time ago whether the Tahoe spring plankless double truss truck represented the same prototype as the Proto2000 spring plankless truck, he told me yes. I don't know for certain how specific he meant to be in that answer, however (or how specific he understood my question to be), so I'm also curious to hear more on this. The only apparent intentional differences between these 2 trucks to my eye are that 1) they might be tooled represent different journal box lid designs, and 2) the appearance of the doubled trusses; the latter is lacking altogether on the Proto2000 trucks. Of course the fidelity to detail on the Tahoe trucks is especially outstanding, so I had wondered whether the doubled truss was a matter of tooling sophistication or rather of the P2K truck possibly representing a single-truss design.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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Brian: I wish I were more expert on this matter myself but among the differences to notice in these trucks consider the shape of the journal boxes and the shape of the journal lids. All these trucks you are mentioning are different in these areas. To add to the excitement and/or confusion, there is also the TMW Buckeye 50 ton ARA truck. I have more questions than answers myself. I just try to compare photos of the car I am building with the trucks on hand and hope I am coming close. That's one reason I have a drawer full of trucks. The grand kids are going to have fun with that drawer some day!

Stephan Parachuk

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