Re: Semi-Scale Wheelsets for IMRC 70-Ton Trucks


My note regarding the disparity between the axle lengths on the IMRC 70-Ton trucks has generated a large number of opinions. It has been quite interesting to read the many posts regarding this problem and the many ideas as to how to correct the problem and also what has caused this situation to occur.

The best trucks for roll-ability right out of the box with standard wheelsets that I have found were the Kato A3 trucks which the market a number of years ago. I found it amusing that some people complained that they could not get good trucks that would roll freely, then when they tried these, they complained that they rolled to freely (ie. put a car in a siding with a little bit of slope to it and the car would roll out after being uncoupled. I guess they never heard of wheel chocks!).

My thanks to all that have responded with a wealth of information regarding this situation and your personal experiences. I think Denny has summed it all up in his comment regarding the replacement of sub-standard wheelsets and in doing so gave him a lot of satisfaction in trouble free operation.

Thanks guys for your comments and opinions.

Best regards,

Tom Olsen
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