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Dennis Storzek

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Brian: I wish I were more expert on this matter myself but among the differences to notice in these trucks consider the shape of the journal boxes and the shape of the journal lids. All these trucks you are mentioning are different in these areas. To add to the excitement and/or confusion, there is also the TMW Buckeye 50 ton ARA truck. I have more questions than answers myself. I just try to compare photos of the car I am building with the trucks on hand and hope I am coming close. That's one reason I have a drawer full of trucks. The grand kids are going to have fun with that drawer some day!

Stephan Parachuk

Journal lids were often not manufactured by the foundry that cast the trucks, but were a specialty onto themselves. Different railroads could, and did, order different style lids. In later years it was not uncommon to see a mix of styles on the same car, even on the same truck, especially on cars in work service.

The journal BOXES, however, are part of the side frame casting, and should be the same. Differences likely arise from different placement of the parting line for the model part, and different theories of how much draft angle is needed in the mold.


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