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I'm looking for a photo or at least someone to tell me what model in close (stand in) for an NYC 2 bay hopper sold to Hyman-Michaels in 1942 or before with the dimensions of:
Inside Length 30' width 9' 5 1/2" Outside length 31' 2 1/2" Height from rail 10' Extreme height 10' 7" Capacity 1650 cu ft, 100000lbs
The M&StL picked up these NYC hoppers from Hyman-Michaels in 1942. The data comes from their page in the 1945 ORER.
I looked in the 1940 ORER and couldn't find a match for thee dimensions.
Any help is much appreciated, thanks,
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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Dear Clark
I bet these are old NYC Lines hoppers from the 1909-1917 era.They had thousands of them.They were a lot like the USRA twin but a bit shorter and lower. Rich Burg and Kieth Retterer have good pictures.
If you need NYC numbers or lot numbers let me know off list.
Larry King

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