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Gene Green <bierglaeser@...>

I may have remiss by not passing on an essential piece of information to Mr. Propst.

The New York Central hopper cars about which Mr. Propst has inquired went from the NYC to the St. Louis Belleville Electric Railroad Co. and then to the M&StL.

These cars came to the M&StL in 1942 so perhaps if one looked in an earlier ORER under the electric railroad the hoppers might be found. I don't know if that is the case. I never looked.

Gene Green
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If your M&StL hopper series was an old NYC series as you and another poster suggest, you may need an ORER older that 1940 for a 1942 transaction.

Some secondhand cars lingered at dealers for years. Many were ultimately scrapped due to lack of interest.

Bracketing a 1942 transfer with 1940 and 1945 ORER is effective for a direct or brokered sale. If they sat on someone's lot for a long time, you may need to look earlier for their last ORER appearance.

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Jim, I forgot to put the M&StL number series in my post they were in the 64501 series. There are photos of almost all the second hand cars bought around 1940 (Like the one on RR-pictures), but nothing I know of for this series.
Clark Propst

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Two thoughts, Clark

1) I have identified secondhand hopper candidates with their cubic capacities, other dimensions to confirm. With B&O, I have a lot of this to do.

It takes about 3 hours to skim an entire ORER, looking at cubic capacity column only. Less if the match occurs near the front.

2) The rr-pictures site has a 1942 M&StL twin ribbed hopper in a publicity still in its photo archive. Contributed by Merrill Price. Is this the one? One can make out the word 'Chicago" under the paint in the upper left of the car. Chicago Freight Car?

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