Re: Accurail Wabash 40 foot 6-Panel OSB Wood Boxcar

Paul Hillman

Hi Chet,

Thanks for the info.

This Accurail car OSB/SS kit #7015 has composite ends & a fishbelly underframe, OSL 40'6". What prototype was Accurail attempting to model here? I can reletter it.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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I failed to mention that this Accurail's kit #7015, Wabash car's road # is, #75693, if that matters.

That is not a Wabash car by any stretch of the imagination.
The lettering is from the WWI era. The 75000-75699 series cars were 36'-5"IL single sheathed cars built in 1912 by AC&F. The cars resembled
the Fowler/Dominion type cars of that era. The model with dreadnaught
ends (7100 series) is close to the IC 16000 series cars except the model
has 4/4 ends and the prototype cars had 3/5 ends

Chet French

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