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Dennis Storzek

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First, thanks for your informative response.

I grew up in Downers Grove along the Burlington RR and we drive down to Joilet to the National Cemetery where my dad is buried. I've noticed what look like slag piles along I55 or Old Route 66. Did they also strip-mine coal around there, or are those ex-graval pits.
Go a little further south, and you'll come to Coal City :-) That area was strip mined, but I'm not sure when, or when the industry died. Most of the Illinois coal industry was further south.

Coal was the reason for being for the Chicago & Illinois Midland, which at one time was owned by Commonwealth Edison Co., the chicago area electric utility.

My actual "coal mine experiences" are from the Mus of Science and Industry. I've never been on I-80, so is there anything left of the coal mining industry left to see?
I don't think so. There was also an active coal field in Iowa during the early twentieth century. Look for the town of What Cheer on the map.


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