Re: Bill Schneider to Rapido Trains


Hey Jim,

Dont forget the B&O M-53 wagontop!!!!!

Robert Federle
---- jim_mischke <jmischke@...> wrote:

Top ten wish list:

1. B&O M-53 wagontop
2. B&O M-53 wagontop
3. B&O M-53 wagontop
4. B&O M-53 wagontop
5. B&O M-53 wagontop
6 B&O M-53 wagontop
7. B&O M-53 wagontop
8. B&O M-53 wagontop
9. B&O M-53 wagontop
10. I forget, but it is B&O with a rounded roof

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I received a most interesting message yesterday which I think I'll share
with the group.

Bill Schneider of Branchline Trains will be joining Rapido Trains as of May
1. Bill will be working to develop models of American prototypes for Rapido
so get your wish lists together. I understand that freight cars are in the

I understand also that part of the deal is that Bill...and perhaps Jason
Shron, president of Rapido, as well...will need to find there way down to
Cocoa Beach next Jan 7-10 in order to well...warm up...and to ferret out the
best candidates for American prototypes. Included, of course, will be my
personal list...UP this and UP that...although a good model of the NYC 1922
USRA clone/1923 AAR steel box car would not be a bad idea. So...get your
pencils sharpened.

Let's see. Branchline Bill will now be Rapid Bill? Given that Bill is a
major player in my Prototype Rails op session, somehow the term "rapid"
doesn't seem to anyone who has attended my session can atest to.
Still, it will be interesting to see if we things speed up.

Hmmm. A UP HK-50-1?

Mike Brock

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