Re: X29B and D's

Lawrence Rast

There are some terrific articles out there on modeling the X29B,
including but not limited to the following:

Ben Hom, "Modeling the PRR Boxcar Fleet Part 3 – Class X29B," Keystone
Modeler (August 2006): 21-27.

Steve Hoxie, "Modeling the PRR Boxcar Fleet Part 3A – Kitbashing a
Class X29B," Keystone Modeler (August 2006): 28-32.

Elden Gatwood, "Modeling the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Box Car Fleet
Part 3b - More Options for the Pennsy’s Class X29B: Two Kit-Bashing
Options and a New Resin Kit," Keystone Modeler (August 2007): 22-29.

Lawrence Rast

On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 9:16 AM, Brian J Carlson <brian@...> wrote:

Cut the body off Red caboose X29, Cut the floor out of Branchline. Not that
had to do.
X29D same as above, with the 50' roof modification as you mention.
Branchline bodies and RC X29's can be picked up cheap, if you look around. I
think Steve Hoxie did the X29B kitbash in TKM.

The first Cocoa BEach project was the KCS rebuild not X29B

Brian Carlson
On Tue, 21 Apr 2009 07:47:56 -0400, SUVCWORR wrote
Actually, that will give you a nice stand-in.? The underframe will
not be accurate.? The truck spacing will not be accurate.? The X29b
was a new body on the X29 underframe with channels added to each
side to increase the width.? These underframes did not have the
standard truck spacing.? The only kitbash available is to put the
Branchline body on the Sunshine underframe which pushes the cost
beyond reason when a fleet of these cars are needed.??

The?X29d?has an overhanging roof which is not available in a 40 ft
length.? The best you can do is cut 10 ft from the Branchline 50
ft?OH roof.? Similar underframe issues remain as seen with the X29B.

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