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Bill Schneider

O.K. Guys, I've been silent until now, but (with Jason's indulgence I hope), I just want to set a few things straight..

First - I do not, did not, nor ever will, own Branchline Trains. I guess that in some ways I was the public face of Branchline through my participation on these lists, but Branchline is a family owned business that will no doubt continue on after my tenure there.

Second, Jason and his crew at Rapido are a very professional and dedicated bunch that I am proud to now be involved with. They have the dedication, desire and ability to do top notch products in whatever variety - freight or passenger - and scale that they choose to pursue.

Third, we now have 351 product suggestions - enough to keep us busy for the next 85+ years (OK, I exaggerate - I stopped counting at 75 on Sunday night). There have been many good ones, some unusual ones, and some... well....... other ones. There will no doubt be a few of you very happy, several not so happy, and a few downright irate at the choices that we will make. I can only hope that, whatever side of that equation that you fall on, you give Rapido a fair shot.

Finally, I want to thank many of you for your off-list notes of support to both Jason and myself as we move forward.

Now......where did I put those O&W steam generator painting diagrams.... ;>)

Bill Schneider

In reading the posts regarding Bill going over to Rapido, the question that I have (unless I missed something) is:

What has or will become of Branchline? Has it closed? With Bill joining Rapido, is Branchline being bought by them or will it continue with someone else running it?

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