Re: ATSF 1958 cft covered hopper

charles slater

Peter, all the Santa Fe covered hoppers in these classes had four seam caps on the roof.

Intermountain is supposed to be making the ribed roof and hopefully will be out soon. The only classes of Santa Fe cars with the opensides were the ten cars of the Ga-45 class (it would be a kitbash from the intermountain car) and the Ga-52 class.

Also don't forget the Ga-79 class of hoppers in this group.

Charlie Slater

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From: peteraue@...
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 21:57:30 +0000
Subject: [STMFC] ATSF 1958 cft covered hopper

A few questions for the ATSF freight car experts:
I would like to upgrade my covered hopper models. Are the InterMountain 1958 cft covered hopper kits correct for any of the following ATSF classes: Ga-52/65/67/71/75? Did all of these classes have closed sides or were there any with open sides? What needs to be modified on the InterMountain kits to match the prototypes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Peter Aue

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