Re: REA Wood Express Reefers

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

Wood cars were used into the 60's, well beyond my cutoff date of 1957. you
need to check if the paint scheme is appropriate for the 1948-50 timeframe.
I think the green with the diamond is slightly later than 1950, annd I think
932-5485 is pre 1940 but my RPC's are at home so I can't comment for sure.

Brian Carlson
On Wed, 22 Apr 2009 13:55:32 -0000, Paul & Bernice Hillman wrote
Walthers is selling REA Wood Express Reefers, #'s 932-5471 & 932-5485.

When did REA quit using wood cars? Specfically were they in use in
the 1948-1950 period? Or were they steel by then?

Thanks, Paul Hillman


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