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According to a page I photocopied many years ago from a soft cover book on
the subject there is a 'Diagram III' dated 1953, which suggests the
introduction of of the red diamond scheme that year. Dark Green (Hunter
Green) body, black, green, grey or silver roof and ends (stands back and
ducks from expected onslaught), lettering full name Railway Express Agency
on left hand body panel and 4 inch reporting marks and numbers. The diagram
shows R.E.X. 6431, which was steel car. There is a diagram IV of 1960 which
shows change of lettering to R E A EXPRESS, and no reference to roof or end
colour, (suggesting green all over?) All else unchanged.

Barry Bennett

Coventry, England.

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From: Brian J Carlson

Date: 22/04/2009 16:55:28

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Subject: Re: [STMFC] REA Wood Express Reefers

Wood cars were used into the 60's, well beyond my cutoff date of 1957. you

need to check if the paint scheme is appropriate for the 1948-50 timeframe.

I think the green with the diamond is slightly later than 1950, annd I think

932-5485 is pre 1940 but my RPC's are at home so I can't comment for sure.

Brian Carlson

On Wed, 22 Apr 2009 13:55:32 -0000, Paul & Bernice Hillman wrote

Walthers is selling REA Wood Express Reefers, #'s 932-5471 & 932-5485.
When did REA quit using wood cars? Specfically were they in use in
the 1948-1950 period? Or were they steel by then?
Thanks, Paul Hillman
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