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Larry Wolohon


The REA still used wood express reefers in the 1948 - 50 period. They were painted, per my copy of RP Cyc 7, Dark Green, gold letterin & black canvas roofs. no red & white diamond. The REA's first steel reefers came out in 1947 - 48. The Branchline kits in the aluminum & green paint job is the original scheme. They were later painted like the wood with Dark Green & gold lettering. The red & white diamond scheme came out in the late 50's. See RP Cyc 7 for more info.

Larry Wolohon

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Walthers is selling REA Wood Express Reefers, #'s 932-5471 & 932-5485.

When did REA quit using wood cars? Specfically were they in use in the 1948-1950 period? Or were they steel by then?

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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