Re: REA Wood Express Reefers

Ed Hawkins

On Apr 22, 2009, at 11:44 AM, barrybennetttoo wrote:

According to a page I photocopied many years ago from a soft cover
book on
the subject there is a 'Diagram III' dated 1953, which suggests the
introduction of of the red diamond scheme that year. Dark Green
Green) body, black, green, grey or silver roof and ends (stands back
ducks from expected onslaught), lettering full name Railway Express
on left hand body panel and 4 inch reporting marks and numbers. The
shows R.E.X. 6431, which was steel car. There is a diagram IV of 1960
shows change of lettering to R E A EXPRESS, and no reference to roof
or end
colour, (suggesting green all over?) All else unchanged.
That soft cover book is Railway Express Agency An Overview by V.S.
Roseman. The lettering diagrams in this book are his own artwork and
are not substantiated with REA documentation that I can find or verify.
I've seen references to photos about the red & white diamond being used
as early as 1953, however, I need to be convinced with REA
documentation or a trusted photo date that the diamond was used this
early. The earliest dated photo that I trust and having the diamond
emblem is 1955. This is a GATC builder's photo of steel express
refrigerator car #7210 from series 6900-7399 built in 1955.

I have also seen a number of in-service photos dated 1955 showing the
red & white emblem. The earliest photo dates that I trust are REX 6451
(repainted welded express reefer) taken at National City, California,
on 9-5-55 and REX 7268 taken at the same location 10-29-55. Both photos
were taken by Col. Chet McCoid (available from Bob's Photo), who was
careful to document the exact day he took most of his photographs
including these two.

If anyone has a copy of an REA stencil drawing that provides a date
when the diamond was first used, I would appreciate knowing the date of
the drawing or revision.
Ed Hawkins

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