CNW, NKP war emergency boxcar questions

James Mischke <jmischke@...>

The Intermountain web site show them coming out with WWII war
emergency single sheath boxcars, as ready-to-run, for September
2009 release, in NKP, C&NW, ATSF road names.

Nickel Plate questions: Web artwork shows NKP 8026. Original
series 8000-8199. I understand cars in this series were
renumbered into a 20800 series at some point. When?? Were
they ever steel sheathed or were they woodies to the end? I
model 1964. Any left then? ORER 1/64 notes mention Evans auto
loading equipment, 20800 series might be a different car by then.

C&NW questions: Web artwork shows C&NW 77542. Did these
prototypes all have Viking roofs? ORER shows plenty left in
1/64. ORER notes suggest some/many/most/all remaining cars had
been daylighted into hoppers for coke service. How many and
when? Please clarify. Growing up in Ames, Iowa, I remember
seeing these war emergency boxcars as a kid in the late 1960's -
early 1970's. All I saw were steel sheathed with Clinton
reweigh dates. (An aside, I thought "CLN" meant "cleaned" back
then) When was the metal sheathing done? Any woodies left by 1964?

Any insights on these familiar and interesting boxcars would be
appreciated. My motivation: I would like one or two but they
need to be original configuration during or close to my era (1964-65).

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