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Just to make sure everyone knows we are united, I echo John and Elden's concerns. The effort to produce the ezine has severely cut into my modeling time, but I like others involved, feel our efforts serve a greater good of sharing modeling information with others. I can research a Steam Era Freight Car on my own and have a great model, but if I share the information many of my friends can learn from my work. What a great gift to my friends, especially when they share back.

The modeling ezines are an extension of this list with its great ethos for sharing.

Bruce D. Griffin
Editor, The B&O Modeler
Summerfield, NC

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Elden, All,

At the SCL Modeler e-zine, I have nothing in-hand for the next issue. I have about five articles promised, plus two I'm working on personally. I'm in the same boat as TKM. The only thing that saves me is that we publishe quarterly.

The thing I try to get across to everyone is that you don't have to be a genious to write for one of the three e-zines (TKM, B&OM, and SCLM). All three of these magazines have guys that will help you write, edit, and do what it takes to get your articles printed. Give us a freight car model and a page of good text, and we'll help hunt down prototype info, photos and make a great four-page spread with your name on it.

I just completed an SCL Modeler survey and many of the guys that responded said they wanted more STMFC content. So, how about it, guys--how about writing up some one or two page STMFC articles for your favorite e-zine?


John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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I know you are hearing this a lot lately, but I have to make a plea...

If you enjoy reading The Keystone Modeler, please, PLEASE, consider making a
contribution for publication.

We are currently down to a very small staff, all unpaid, and the vast
majority employed in demanding jobs, and we just cannot support, alone, the
demands (a.k.a., the "black hole") of a monthly magazine/e-zine, without
considerable help.

Without your help, we will be forced to consider some drastic measures, which
our readership will not like.

We welcome articles about any PRR subjects with an endpoint on modeling or
model operations; steam, freight, passenger, diesels, MW, structures, ROW,
ops, etc.

I hope you will consider helping ALL of us who enjoy reading, and seeing,
what others have accomplished.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Elden Gatwood
Chair, PRRT&HS Modeling Committee
TKM Contributor

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