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michael bishop <goldrod_1@...>

The car looks like a CB&Q car. I am from Mercer County, IL and the CB&Q had a branch line though it and many of the famers had old box cars like this one near the barns or on the edge of the fields.
MIchael Bishop

--- On Wed, 4/22/09, John Strenski <> wrote:

From: John Strenski <>
Subject: [STMFC] Wood Boxcar ID
Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2009, 7:48 PM

Hello Group:

We found this wood boxcar today:

http://soo2408. rrpicturearchive e.aspx?id= 1576460

Any help ID'ing it's possible former owner would be appreciated.

Also found this one a little far from home:

http://soo2408. rrpicturearchive e.aspx?id= 1576468

Holes in the roofs is to get some air into the cars, otherwise, the farmer would probably fall over with heat stroke upon entry.

Thanks very much for the help.


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