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The Intermountain web site show them coming out with WWII war
emergency single sheath boxcars, as ready-to-run, for September
2009 release, in NKP, C&NW, ATSF road names.

Nickel Plate questions: Web artwork shows NKP 8026. Original
series 8000-8199. I understand cars in this series were
renumbered into a 20800 series at some point. When?? Were
they ever steel sheathed or were they woodies to the end? I
model 1964. Any left then? ORER 1/64 notes mention Evans auto
loading equipment, 20800 series might be a different car by then.

C&NW questions: Web artwork shows C&NW 77542. Did these
prototypes all have Viking roofs? ORER shows plenty left in
1/64. ORER notes suggest some/many/most/all remaining cars had
been daylighted into hoppers for coke service. How many and
when? Please clarify. Growing up in Ames, Iowa, I remember
seeing these war emergency boxcars as a kid in the late 1960's -
early 1970's. All I saw were steel sheathed with Clinton
reweigh dates. (An aside, I thought "CLN" meant "cleaned" back
then) When was the metal sheathing done? Any woodies left by 1964?

Any insights on these familiar and interesting boxcars would be
appreciated. My motivation: I would like one or two but they
need to be original configuration during or close to my era (1964-65).
Jim -

The NKP 8000-8199 Pullman-Standard series war emergency cars, built in 1944, were never steel sheathed and continued as built into the merger with the N&W. If you have Ted Culotta's "Steam Era Freight Car Reference Manual" there's an excellent builder's photo of car 8026 on page 168.

I have the 7/1966 ORER which lists these cars as having only 22 left in NKP paint but none are listed at this time with Evans equipment. Nor does my 1964 NKP Equipment Diagrams list them as having this equipment installed either.

Surprisingly, the 1966 ORER does list the N&W renumber to 208000-208199 but does not indicate there were any still in service in N&W paint by July of '66.

Hope Intermountain gets the dreadnaught ends correct on these.

Ralph Miller
Craftsman's Model Railroad Supply

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