Re: REA Wood Express Reefers

Jason Hill

If anyone has a copy of an REA stencil drawing that provides a date
when the diamond was first used, I would appreciate knowing the date of
the drawing or revision.
Ed Hawkins<<

Greetings all, my $0.02...
All the research that I've done both in the REA book and the Car Builder's Encyl. say that the Red and white diamond was started in 1953. The interesting photo of a '47 blt steel reefer in the post silver and green strip but pre-diamond herald shows it to be identical lettering placement to the silver and green scheme (The "Railway Express Agency" spelled out in one line in yellow/gold paint in the same location as on the silver/green scheme.) As I'm modeling 1952-1953 I have the following breakdown. 2 wood cars and 1 steel freshly painted w/diamond, about 6-7 wood and 3 steel without diamond (just remove or paint over the diamond scheme car), 1 wood in the pre-1943 "pullman/olive green" with reporting marks and spelled out REA on both sides of the door, and 2 steel in silver/green as delievered.

The hard one for me to find info to nail down is when they dropped the olive green scheme (1943 IIRC) and went to a intermediate scheme (the hunter green with one line spelled out REA as above) before they went to the 1953 yellow lettering and diamond. I believe that the one picture of REX 6318 is the only one I've seen that shows an interim 1943-1953 example of the cars, and it was obviously a silver and green car that was recently repainted, but before the diamond herald.

The later (1960's) is when they started the lighter green and the variations on the heralds.

Jason Hill
Tehachapi Sub 1952-53

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