Re: Buy More War Bonds slogans

Richard Hendrickson

On Apr 23, 2009, at 7:44 AM, sparachuk wrote:

I have a question for the group; how quickly after the war did the
"Buy More War Bonds" slogans disappear from rolling stock? Was it
policy to repaint ASAP? I haven't seen many photos of cars in the
late forties with the slogans. I have a few cars with the slogan
and I'll probably get more because they speak so clearly of the
mood of their time.

Stephan, I can't speak for other RRs, but somewhere in my files I
have a copy of the bulletin sent out ca. 1946 to yardmasters and car
shop foremen on the Santa Fe calling for the 100 cars of class Bx-36
with the "Buy War Bonds" stenciling to be rounded up and repainted.
On the Santa Fe, at least, the slogan cars disappeared very rapidly.

Richard Hendrickson

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