Re: two questions

Bruce Smith

On Thu, April 23, 2009 8:49 pm, Steve Lucas wrote:
I used this part on a CN 40' steel frame car. At NMRA AP judging, I was
fortuante that one judge knew what it was. The other judge was going to
deduct points for the car having no brake wheel. A lesson learnt that I
should be more careful in filling out the judging form next time!
Or not bother with a system where you have to teach the so called "judges"
what is correct so that they can turn around and "judge" your work... and
where at least 75% of them have no clue what the rules for reweigh or
repack stencils were, and I hazard more than 90% do not know that the LT
WT and Load Limit have to add up to a specific number for a specific
journal/axle size (except, of course where the Load Limit is starred)...

It IS heartening to see that at least part of the Prototype movement has
finally caught the attention of the NMRA contest folks... in Hartford,
they are actually encouraging models, even incomplete models, be brought
for display (and acting as if display only and judging of built up "kits"
is something new!).

Me? I'm content to bring my models to Prototype Rails and the like, where
the only "judges" I care about know what a lever handbrake is (except
apparently for Clark... but I still care about his opinion <VBG>), and
where someone who doesn't is free to ask.

Bruce Smith
Auburn AL

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