Re: Wood Boxcar ID

John Strenski

Hello Group:

Thanks to everyone for the input. It is appreciated.

We counted no less than 10 of these cars within twenty miles of each other. They are all more or less in the same shape.

Thanks again.


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I see a " &Q " on the far left panel.

Rob Manley

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On Apr 22, 2009, at 7:48 PM, John Strenski wrote:

We found this wood boxcar today:
> Any help ID'ing it's possible former owner would be appreciated.

CB&Q X25 class, nos. 15000-16999. Or, more likely in view of the
location, FW&D 7200-7700, which were cars of the same design. Check
the ends; they should be 7-8 corrugated.

Richard Hendrickson

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