Richard Townsend

For BREX reefers there is Burlington Bulletin No. 12 that covers early wood through steel into the 1980's (it was published n 1984).? The May 1988 RMC had an article on milk containers on flat cars that had some NX cars.? Dave and Jennie Lambert's RMC articles on "The post war refrigerator car" in March, April, and May?1994 touched on BREX, FGE, and WFE cars.? The March/Aprl 1986 Model Railroading had an article on kitbashing BREX 74200-74397 steel reefers.? The August 1987 Model Railroading addressed 40-foot plug door reefers, including BREX and NX cars, and included an article on kitbashing an NX car.

There probably are others but these are what I happen to have in my reefer file.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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From: Greg Snook <>
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Subject: [STMFC] FGEX /WFEX/BREX cars

While Mr. Welch has provided a great source of information for wood reefers
for these three companies through the modelling "e-'zines"? I was wondering
if there is any information about steel reefers for these companies, in
terms of books or magazine articles? Also, I know Sunshine produces wood
reefer kits for these, but does anyone offer kits for steel reefers for the

In case this assists with answering questions, I'm interested in 1952.

Thanks much in advance,
Greg Snook

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