Re: PRR R-60 express reefer

Bruce F. Smith V.M.D., Ph.D. <smithbf@...>

such as a central corridor (where the doors are) with two seperate
refrigerated sections<
I too have the Railworks R-60 (nice model)<
As you know the model has windows on the doors. The one picture from
Steve Sandifer site seems to show the car with no windows, just inset panels
at the top of the doors. As it is a reefer can I assume it had no windows
or are they just really dirty?

What's the URL of Steve's site? The car diagram from Waynor's (spelling?)
book has square windows in the doors. I think that there is a photo or two
of an R60 in Pennsy Power 3 as well, and as I recall, the windows were
present. Some may have been plated over, but I think dirt is more likely
the culprit. I'm also pretty sure that they never received porthole

I know, the concept of a reefer with windows is a bit odd...but that is
correct for the R-60! It led me to wonder why they were there? During
loading, you would get light through the open door - no need for windows -
or perhaps this allow light in from the closed door side?...did someone
ride there?

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