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Steve Hoxie wrote:
When I decided I wanted a model of a steel car, and with no good photos available, I found in Bill's handout FHIX 40001 - 40960 which had been built by PC&F with riveted sides and a straight sidesill. FHIX is in the family of Fruit Growers reporting marks. Making the assumption that if PC&F built it, it had to look like a PFE car, I used an Intermountain R40-23, removed the tabs and installed straight sidesills, painted it all yellow with a silver roof. Someone may find fault with that, but I will want to see a photo.
The FHIX cars were equipped for Half-stage Icing (thus the HI in the mark) and had fans, so your car should be so equipped and so lettered.
Incidentally, there's a nice three-quarter photo of steel FGEX 38237 in the 1946 Cyc. BTW, the cars PC&F built for PFE were PFE designs, not carbuilder designs, so I'd say your assumption about PC&F appearance may not stand up. Bill would be the guy to ask.

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