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Volume 9 of Railroad Prototype Cyclopedia has a very nice article on
the wagon top boxcar and explains all the differences.

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Subject: [STMFC] B&O M-15k, M-15L & M-53 Wagontop Boxcars
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Can anyone help with identifying the differences between the
designs of these cars? I'm in the process of correcting a botched
modeling job on a pair of West Shore models of the M-53. The way that
these cars were put together indicates that the guy didn't know about
Duryea underframes, but by undoing much of what he had done I was able
to make one of them into a passable M-53. I'd like to make the other
into an M-15 with Youngstown doors, but lack info on the differences
between them and their later clones. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Tony Wagner


The B&O Historical Society still has the RP Cyc in stock.

When building the M-15 wagon-tops you have to decide the period you are
modeling. All the M-15 wagon-tops received new underframes starting in
1955 except as noted in the article the 50 double-door automobile cars
in class M-15L. This was a very rapid process that was completed in
about one year so there is very little overlap of M-15 wagon-tops with
the fish-belly underframes and the AAR underframes.

Bob Witt
Indianapolis, Indiana

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