Re: B&O M-15k, M-15L & M-53 Wagontop Boxcars


The M15K is a single door car.? The M15L is a staggered double door car.? Both have an interior length of 40' 6" and a capacity of 80 tons and built between 1910 and 1924.? The M53 has the Duryea underframe the other two do not.? It is also a 40' 6" car with a 100 ton capacity. and built 1937-38.

Rich Orr

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Can anyone help with identifying the differences between the designs of these
cars? I'm in the process of correcting a botched modeling job on a pair of West
Shore models of the M-53. The way that these cars were put together indicates
that the guy didn't know about Duryea underframes, but by undoing much of what
he had done I was able to make one of them into a passable M-53. I'd like to
make the other into an M-15 with Youngstown doors, but lack info on the
differences between them and their later clones. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Tony Wagner


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