Upgrading Great Noethern 52 foot Cascade Models Imports

gary laakso

Yes, it was time to up grade my 5 Great Northern 52 foot flatcars, 65000-65499 class , imported in 1986 flatcars by Cascade Models. I have replaced the Andrews trucks that came with the models with Tahoe Model Works Dalmans. Since Cascade did not model the metal support over the trucks, I want to use a laser cut wood deck and add plastic sheet to represent the plates over the trucks, see Great Northern Color Pictorial Book Two at page 80. One of the cars was imported without a deck and it looks good with the individual boards cut back in 1986!
Is there a straight edge laser cut flatcar deck that is 10 feet wide with straight sides (no cuts for the flatcar stake pockets)? Length does not matter as I have to cut it into a minimum of 3 pieces.
Cascade used scale couple boxes that are very, very narrow so that Kadee 4s need lots of filing to squeeze in from the front of the coupler pocket. Are there any scale size that fit? The Kadee 58s are too wide as are the Accurail scale couplers.

gary laakso
South of Mike "two dome" Brock

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