Re: Early covered hopper cars for grain and similar commodities

Ed Hawkins

On Apr 28, 2009, at 1:33 PM, Gene Green wrote:

Can anyone say which prototype the Walthers people were trying to
replicate with their Part #932-7950?

Were cubic capacities measured differently by different railroads or
different freight car manufacturers?

Can anyone comment about the appropriateness of the Walthers model to
represent the M&StL car?

Thanks in advance.
I wrote articles about the 2,983 cu. ft. PS-2s when the Athearn and
Walthers models were being released (Sept. and Nov. 2005 Railmodel
Journal). The Nov. 2005 article mentions the 3,219 cu. ft. cars were 4"
taller and 6" wider than the 2,893 cars. I included a roster in each
article of the prototype cars best represented by the two models.
Ed Hawkins

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