From the string of responses, if the C&O supplied room temp insulated ventilator boxes, for short runs, they weren't charging a protection tarif? . . . maybe just for an top icing and take your chances?

Al Kresse

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Doug Harding wrote:
Al I interviewed a fellow once whose family raised cabbages in  
eastern Iowa for the Army during WWII. He reported the cabbages were  
loaded into burlap gunny sacks and sewn shut in the field, then the  
sacks were loaded into the reefers sitting along side the fields. I  
can only assume the cars were pre-cooled.
        Good story, Doug. Just a miniscule point on terminology, drawn  
from the Protective Service Tariffs: cars were pre-iced, loads were  
pre-cooled. So the term here regarding the cars should be "pre-iced."  
That is, if you want to follow prototype practice <g>.

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