Re: Early covered hopper cars for grain and similar commodities

David North <davenorth@...>

Can anyone say which prototype the Walthers people were trying to
replicate with their Part #932-7950?

Were cubic capacities measured differently by different railroads or
different freight car manufacturers?

Can anyone comment about the appropriateness of the Walthers model to
represent the M&StL car?

Thanks in advance.
Gene Green.

Hi Gene,

The Walthers car represents what I understand is the second design of the PS
2893cft 3 bay.

This has all vertical post, rib or hat sections between and at each end of
the side panels.

The Athearn car represents the first design with vertical post, rib or hat

between the side panels and vertical channels at each end of the side

The Cor Cor car, old as the tooling is, represents the 3219cft 3 bay.

This car is taller and wider than the 2893, and also has a flatter roof
profile while still

having a peaked roof. Again despite its age, the ConCor model has what
appears to be

the correct roof profile.

Some time ago, James Kinkaid posted both photos and plans of the ends of
these cars

on the MFCL.

If anyone wants to see them, I can post them here, after obtaining Jim's
permission to do so.


Dave North

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