Re: Reweigh cycles

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Tim O'Connor wrote:
I would think that ALL cars used in conjunction with tariffs based upon WEIGHT would be subject to the same reweigh rules.
You might think so; but the rules were based in part on experience with how much weight might change over time, not WHETHER they were weighed for tariff purposes.

Tank cars, and perhaps privately owned or leased cars, were not subject to the rule because it was irrelevant to how they were used. (For example tank car rates probably were based on the gallonage.)
Exactly. With gallonage tariffs, weight was irrelevant. But I think this was restricted to tank cars only. The exception for mech; reefers might have been because the early operation of those cars was with incentive carload pricing, thus not weight dependent. And I'm just as glad that the poultry tariff was not based on weight <g>.

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