Re: Upgrading Great Noethern 52 foot Cascade Models Imports

Tim O'Connor

Gary, my model has a brass deck. The boards are .0676" wide
(about 5 7/8"). My car is equipped with Kadee #4's which is
what the model's scale width draft gear is designed for. Only
a tiny amount of filing was needed to slide in the #4. Let's
lobby Kadee for a scale head #4!!

A laser deck? Cascade made the deckless version for folks who
like to model board-by-board decks. :-)

These cars are among the nicest HO scale flat cars made -- and
have complete scale underbody detail.

Mine is equipped with Eastern Car Works Dalman trucks (but now
I suppose I'd use Tahoe trucks) and lettered w/ CDS #321 which
has exactly the right lettering for this car.

Tim O'Connor

Is there a straight edge laser cut flatcar deck that is 10 feet wide
with straight sides (no cuts for the flatcar stake pockets)? Length
does not matter as I have to cut it into a minimum of 3 pieces.
Cascade used scale couple boxes that are very, very narrow so that
Kadee 4s need lots of filing to squeeze in from the front of the
coupler pocket. Are there any scale size that fit? The Kadee 58s
are too wide as are the Accurail scale couplers.

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