Re: NYC 4 bay hopper lives too

Tom Madden <tgmadden@...>

Mike Brock wrote:

Not meaning to start a lengthy thread...particulaly since the info is
in 2009...but I will note that at about 6:30 PM today while watching
an FEC frt train roll by at a grade crossing, I was startled to see a
4 bay NYC lettered open hopper roll by.
About a month ago on the Nostalgia and History section of someone posted a current photo of a set of four operating ex-SP GP9's that some short line had put together. They had been rebuilt, but my reaction was.... So? I saw those all the time not long ago (it seems) when I was stationed at McClellan AFB outside Sacramento in 1958-59 - what's the big deal? Then someone else put up a very excited post that those Geeps were 50 YEARS OLD! That's when it hit me - it was like finding a 1910 locomotive still in service in 1960.

Tempus fugit and all that, but next year the 1960 cut-off date of our chosen era will be half a century in the rear view mirror. Those nostalgists get all teary-eyed over finding tunnel motors and per diem boxcars, while the objects of our affection are either in museums or out in some farmer's fields. Maybe it's time to fudge our end date this way a few years. We need to be keeping the flame, not tending the grave.

Tom Madden

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