Re: "A" Railroads Base Fleet

Charlie Vlk

Not to pooh-pooh the investigation. This line of research is still worthwhile. I guess my point is not to take it as a formula for determining what you have to have on your railroad.
It would be preferred, however, to the all-too-common Model Railroad attitude "I don't need any XYZ cars because I model the ABC"!!! I believe that Manufacturers still see quite a bit of regional bias in sales... controlled by the Hobby Shops but also driven by the consumers... even in more sophiscated lines beyond the trainset set.
I think "casting" the actors on your pike is important.... just like I don't believe in forcing universal scripts on the actors. The Car Card Pocket / Waybill system, when implemented in its full form, takes the Interchange Rules somewhat beyond what happened in the real world. Some roads and some cars were better equipped to play certain parts.
You could often tell what train you were looking at by the complexion of its consist. That did not happen randomly.
But ANY research into Freight Cars is a Good Thing!
Charlie Vlk

Charlie Vlk notes:

> Wheel reports, photos of entire trains, or overall photos of yards for the
> road you are modeling or similar ones in the region you are interested in,
> in your era, would be more instructive than a mathematical model.... if
> you can find such documents.

Not to mention countless messages pertaining to this issue, numerous panel
discussions [ including one held last Jan during Prototype Rails at Cocoa
Beach ], endless opinions...including...well...that of yours truly, a huge
number of photo references and various conflicting data regarding the

Mike Brock


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